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Meditation Class
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Regeneration Meditation


Allow yourself to be guided through powerful body scan to connect with your body while you listen to healing sounds of crystal bamboo Koishi chimnyes. Let go of stress and tension. Regenerate your body, mind and soul.

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Mandala Meditation


Reconnect with your creativity. Express yourself through the abundance of patterns, shapes and colours. Release the blocks, increase your concentration and tune inwards through effective colouring meditation and sacred geometry.

Mudra Meditation
Mantra Meditation

Create your own healing through your unique voice and high vibration sacred mantras (divine affirmations) and Restore harmony and peace in your mind and in your live. 

Mantra = comes from the oldest language Sanskrt and it means: protection/purification of the mind.

Personalised Meditations

A healing journey that will take you deep inside to reconnect with your power and potential.

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