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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

The journey starts within!

When we are in a difficult situation, we often try to organise it, manage it and have it under control around us.

During this time our mind is working full on and giving us various scenarios according to what we carry inside.

To manage our mind, prevent feeding it with a drama and be able to direct it towards effective solution is ideal way but it needs some practise.

When I studied American course - Science of Happiness at Berkley University few years ago, I was surprised to find out that most of our thoughts are negative and 90% of them never come true. Nevertheless our thoughts have a huge impact on our mental & physical health and overall quality of our life.

Therefore it is very important to use our thoughts mindfully, allow ourselves to rest properly or meditate and simply learn how to calm down and regarche our system.

Tak goes much easier when we clean our mental patterns first.

Often we are not aware of our own thought patterns and how they turn on our autopilot when the crises comes.

Old eastern tradition says: People should meditate 20 minutes every day if they have time. And if they don't have time and are too overwhelmed, then they should meditate for 40 minutes!

I came to conclusion that the busier we are and the more our minds are full of drama, the more we need to learn to clear and calm our mind, so it can rather serve us. And allow it to controls us instead.

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