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PHEN = Phenomena - primordial cause of the problem

FEN KINESIOLOGY is an advanced comprehensive health therapy technique based on muscle testing and identifying the prime root cause - Phenomena of the issues.


Very often we absorb negative programs through our life not even being aware of it (for example during our childhood, puberty etc) and that changes our functioning.

Our muscles are attached to our nervous system and brain. Therefore we are able to access specific original records in the brain (often subconsciousness that it is not easily accessible) to release the negative patterns successfully and rewrite the record safely.

The balancing process can therefore be an educational experience, helping us to understand what's really going on in our body/life. It increases our awareness and helps us to make more positive and informed choices about how to direct our life.


This technique is non invasive and suitable for all ages including children, addicted or mentally sick people and generally for anyone who is suffering on any level or wants to improve his/her life.

The FEN kinesiologist focuses on clients's personal problems (longterm or acute) and uses standardised systems and constellations which enable us to go deeper into the issue and activate inner unblock and healing.

Therefore it can access even very complicated topics that many people are suffering with and standard techniques or therapies are not able to solve them.

This unique technique was developed by prominent Czech sociologist and trained crises psychologist of SOS line Ing. Pavel Brablik. Ing. Brablik studied One Brain Kinesiology and soon realised that he had the capacity and knowledge to create more advance and powerful technique based on OBK. He has focused on many complicated cases and created PHEN Kinesiology through which he has cured more than 1000s of his patients successfully in last 20 years. He became one of the most reliable sources to turn to even for the doctors, psychologist and other therapists even though he has never done any advertising himself.

It is not part of any religion or philosophy. It is a part of therapeutic health systems.


This treatment can address many issues as:

- Fears, anxiety, depression and stress related issues

- Sleeping problems

- Chronic pain and fatigue

- Family and kids behaviours issue

- Communication, speech and learning problems

- Concentration and productivity

- Addictions and unwanted behaviour

- Sex, intimacy and partnership

- Conception and pregnancy support

- Improving relationships at home, work, family & with life generally

- Financial and work issues

- Allergies

- Health support (hormonal, skin, immunity, digestive and other health issues)

- Decision making support


Many people are suffering with psychosomatic disEASEs and stress related issues where standard medicine help to reduce the symptoms but struggles to access the root cause safely.

This technique is not a replacement of medical treatment!

However it can help you to make informed decisions and support the medical treatment successfully.

Do you feel like you are not on the right path or out of the track?

Does it feel like you are carrying extra baggages that are slowing your progress or bringing even a stagnation?

Or are you simply looking for improvement in your life?

If you feel like getting back on the right track with less baggage to burden you down, then PHEN kinesiology is the RIGHT choice and I am here for you.

"No problem is too big to not speak about it and to not find a solution." Ing. Brablik


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