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These paintings carry specific healing energy that comes through while I am painting in a meditative state and are magnified by specific patterns that carry higher vibrations and informations to harmonise your life.

Every process is unique and individual.

With certain patterns based on the sacred geometry you can create very powerful healing vibrations.

Just like you enjoy watching your favourite movie to relax, you can simply dive into watching the painting and allow it to help you where you need it.

Even without your focus the painting is constantly emanating the healing energy and harmonising its surroundings.

I have been thinking for a long time how to get the healing energy to people who cannot travel to workshops and sessions. My paintings have become a powerful spiritual and healing tool, so I decided to share them with others and ask them for help :)

 Now you can bring your personal guardian - therapist to the comfort of your home. Harmonising paintings are available for your stress release, healing and meditation all the time.

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